Howto convert RAF to DNG into Capture One automatically on Windows

Hi there.  Here is my windows version. Use this information on your own risk.

This script will give you the possibilty to convert RAF files to DNG files for automatic import to Capture One on Windows.

The lack of the possibility of direct importing my RAF Files from the Fuji GFX 50S into Capture One and the boring work every time to convert it manually, was the reason for this solution.

This workflow will …

1. Import files with X-Aquire to a folder named “fuji-import”
2. Watch this folder for new files in “fuji-import”
3. If there is any new RAF file in “fuji-import” start the conversion script automatically do the conversion with “Adobe DNG converter” and export it to a folder named “fuji-dng”
4. Modify the new DNG File with exiftool and export it to folder named fuji-exif folder.
5. Delete the old RAF and DNG files you already converted and wait for new files.
6. In Capture One change to your capture folder to fuji-exif folder and you can see the DNG Raw Files

If this is useful or useless for anybody … I don’t know … but for me it is working. Thank you for any hints or corrections relating to this mini project or my bad english 😀

If everything is installed correctly … you only have to start my watchdog script watch-4-folder.
Anything else is done by the batch. DNG files will now be easy to open in C1. Installation takes you 5 minutes !!!

Getting started  … 🙂

Software you have to install:  fuji x-aquire, adobe dng converter, exiftool, wacht-4-folder tool W4F25.exe and my script (links below)
Rename exiftool-4.exe to exiftool.exe and copy it to your user\pictures folder.

I will not explain how to install this things. They have better descriptions and they are straight forward and easy to install. And if you do not understand … you better stop here 😉 😀

Next you have to install the watch 4 folder program. It is a little program to watch any changes in a directory.

download tool here

If you have extracted the zip.file, you have to start the program W4F25.exe and do some configuration below
First select the “Watch-Settings” TAB
1. Select the directory where you will import your RAF Files (in my case d:/fuji-import)
2. select on file create
3. execute program (here you have to select my batchfile  convertdng.bat)
4. write “fujiimport”
5. apply

Then Select the watchlist TAB … select fujiimport and start watching

Download and install it. Use the watch-4-folder program to start my batchfile convertdng.bat
You only have to do it if you wish to do the conversion autmatically as soon as new files are coming from x-aquire to the fuji-import folder.

Fuji-exif will be the folder for the modified DNG files, the place where Capture One capture folder

You have to create three directories
fuji-import, fuji-dng and fuji-exif.

In my case i will create the folders on Volume D:





If you want to create the tree directories on one other volume than D, then you have to change the correct the path in my batchfile.
For example your folders will be on Volume “C” then you have to change the lines  from “set fimport=d:\fuji-import” to  “set fimport=c:\fuji-import” and so on 😉

download convertdng.bat




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