AinsteinGB Tethering with Fujifilm GFX 50s RAF files into alternative software for example Capture One

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Shooting tethered with Fujifilm GFX 50s RAW files into alternative software on a Mac for example Capture One

Hi there. I am not a native English speaker, so my grammar will be horrible. Sorry for that. I am a photographer from Germany. I wrote this little app, because the big companies are not able to deliver a small functional tethering software.  I am not a professional programmer, but Aunt Google was helping me. So writing any technical descriptions is not easy for me. I have tried to do my very best. Use this information and my APP on your own risk and have fun … because it works!!!

Phase One with Capture One does not support competitors RAW Files,  therefore there is no possibilty given to combine Fujifilm GFX50S and Capture One.  GFX 50S and C1 did not work together. BUT ….

If we convert RAF to DNG Files and modify the „model“ in exif … it does!!! This was the information given to me. Then I took secret ingredients, combined everything with my app, and voilla. I am using multitasking and paralell conversion on the fly. For me my workaround works better and much faster than one plugin for lightroom. This application is from a photographer and for photographers.

Q/A Can I control the camera with this App AinsteinGB  >>> NO, import DNG files into C1 is hotfolder based.
Q/A How long will it take until the picture will appear in C1 : As fast as X-Aquire will transport the files to your computer + 2 sec additional for my conversion. X-Aquire have a little starting lag. But if you shoot 5 in row, only the first will be laggy
Q/A What kind of files do you convert on the fly : Only GFX RAF files should be converted into DNG
Q/A Do I still have the RAF after conversion : yes
Q/A Do I have the possibilty to have also jpg: yes (configureable in X-Aquire)
Q/A Do i have the possibility to convert old files: not with AinsteinGB, but look at a real nice RAW-converter from IRIDENT
Q/A  Do i have the possibility to convert RAF2DNG while importing: Yes with aicdcGB
this tool can be useful if you are using the lightroom plugin to control the camera and Capture Pilot to see the files. (but this will be slower).
Q/A Does the  CPU, USB, harddisk speed of the computer has any influence of the speed the App AinsteinGB is working >>> Absolutly yes
Q/A Does the App support C1 Version Number X  >>>  Any version with hotfolder option, but best with the newest because they provide you a useful sensor type
Q/A Does the App do anything in or with C1 : NO, it is not a hack, crack oder something in this way. I just use what is on the market. I love C1.
Q/A Can I download the App AinsteinGB: Short answer  >>> NO
Q/A  Last filter on the new picture with hotfolder incomes in Capture One >> Not supportet from C1, but i have a workaround
Q/A How can I get AinsteinGB: Ask me, get in contact with me. Via FB or email.
Q/A How much do I have to pay for it:  Just a small donation 😉
Q/A Why do I have to pay for it: It took me one year to find a solution, that is easy to use, easy to configure and fast enough. Giving support and help if help is needed …

This are some reactions from over the world 🙂

Taj J.: I read this thread a couple of days ago and decided to buy Martin Zwick app to tether to Capture One. I had a project that day and all I can say is WOW. I am so happy I purchased this. What a huge time saver as I was doing all of this manually and the raw files weren’t instant appearing in my Capture one session. Great job Martin. Can’t wait to show the pics.

Christoph K.: Tolle Lösung, sehr guter Support. Für mich nun die einzige zufrieden stellende Lösung. Nun ist die GFX unter C1 fast genau so einsetzbar wie ein Phaseone Rückteil! Vielen Dank!

Michael W. Hey , works like promised , absolutely TOP ! Also loved your support to install everything, because of little problems in the beginning . You were allways there with your heart and soul , SUPER ! All was super easy with you , thank you so much , lucky i found you … cheers Michael

Owen R.: Day 4 of a hotel shoot using Martin’s app and it’s faultless. Fast and dependable, plus Capture Pilot running as a viewer and pocket wizards to trigger. He has the cure, no more Lightroom.

Accioly F.: Works Great, amazing support from Martin, works great!!!

You will see in my video, that i took 10 pictures with my GFX 50S tethered with my old computer into a capture folder. On my screen you will recognize the converted DNG files are displayed in C1. Also look on the counter.
Sorry if the video is not perfect … but i think you can see what I am talking about.

Fast enough ? see here

IMPORTANT TO KNOW:  ADOBE DNG CONVERTER DOES NOT SUPPORT „35mm mode files“ from the GFX 50S Firmware 3.10. So my little app is not able to convert it.


Software requirements you have to install before you install my App AinsteinGB:
fuji x-aquire, adobe dng converter, exiftool and my App

All listed trademarks are properties of the corresponding manufacturers.

AND FOR SURE my application AinsteinGB!

Many thanks to Owen Raggett. He is the reason why i have continued to develop this App.