Hints round about Fujifilm GFX 50S

I really love my GFX, but shooting tethered is sometimes let me say not so easy. You have to slow down your shooting. Otherwise you will get crazy 😉

Good to know
Fastest way to format cards?  Press trash button for 3 sec and than press the back wheel

Good to know
Adobe DNG Converter does not convert “35mm Mode” pictures (20.07.2018)
In this case use Iridient. Irident is a real nice raw converter. A little bit slow, but nice RAW conversion.

Good to know

X-Aquire needs a really long time to start the transportation from camera to PC/MAC. But if you shoot 5 in row … all other pictures will be faster transported. In my case 5 sec to start … 3 second to transport.

If you are interested to work with Capture One. On my page you will find workarounds to use your GFX RAF files in Capture One as a DNG.


Good to know
Because somebody has asked me … Martin how do i see the newest RAW file, after a new import, while I am tethering into Capture One. The short answer is: Capture One do not have any “display last picture” option if you are using the hotfolder option. But I have a workaround with a keyboardrecording tool “Murgaa” for Mac

Just look at my video

You will need this macro recorder / keyboard recorder from http://www.murgaa.com/marcro-recorder-mac
Home on mac : ‘cmd’ +’ fn’ +’ left arrow’
End on mac     : ‘cmd’ + ‘fn’ + ‘right arrow’
and … you have to allow under Mac / system / security  Murga to act (see the howto installation)